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Optimal protective properties.
Extremely low formaldehyde content.
Neutral smell and soft touch.
Oeko-Tex 100 & REACH certified.
High colrfastness to light.


Strongest available fibers with ring-spun yarns and special FR nylon.
High tenacity, extend the usage of lifetime for 50%.
Stand 100 times washing.
Extreme softness and high fastness.


EN15797-industrial washing.
Excellent appearance and durability.
EN 20471-High Visibility.
Superior protective characteristics.

What you care about most

The clothing produced by the Xinke Protective is strictly tested to ensure the quality of the clothing and to ensure the delivery.

Xinke Protective Technology Co., Ltd. set up own garment factory in 2009,After several years of development, garment factories continue to grow and develop.At present, the sewing machine workers more than 200 people, more than a dozen technical staff, with strong production capacity and management level, more than 200 imported sewing equipment, the monthly production capacity of more than 60,000 pieces, and now the building is being expanded.

Xinke Protective Technology Co., Ltd has own fabric factory,production equipment,and has a professional R & D team,Each year according to customer demand and market changes in the development of new products to the world.Xinke Protective has developed a variety of products, and a patent.Xinke Protective fabric production up to 20 million meters per month, using high-quality raw materials at home and abroad, and post-natal testing to ensure the quality of fabrics.